Singletrack: Victoria Blade

The Cast of "Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology"
"Let Hope Rise" from the stage production, Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology

I wrote this song the night before an audition for a play addressing crime in Chicago. I was driving home and began to think about what to write. I didn’t know anything about crime in my city, so I began to pray and ask God His perspective on this seemingly hopeless issue. The chorus for "Let Hope Rise" popped into my head and I quickly voice-recorded it on my iPhone.

When I got home, I found the chords and did some research on specific stories of violence in different areas of Chicago. The verses were inspired by two different areas of Chicago known as "Terror Town" and "Devils Side." The song went on to become the anthem for Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology at Collaboraction Theatre in Wicker Park, where the song was recorded and performed.

The key ingredient to change is hope. Without hope, there is no action. Stir up enough hope, and it will overpower the hopelessness that perpetuates poverty, racism, segregation and crime in this beautiful city.

On this track
Victoria Blade, Vocals & Guitar

"Let Hope Rise" was recorded and engineered by Stephen Ptacek

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