Singletrack: Rob Warmowski of Sirs

"Mira, Mira, Maribel" from the album High Minors

Sirs is a Chicago hard-rock trio. We wrote and recorded "Mira, Mira, Maribel" for the album High Minors, our first longplayer. (We recorded a seven-inch in 2008 and a four-song EP in 2011.) "Mira" has the usual rock and roll theme: trying to get through to a woman. This song has a minor-key, quiet-loud-quiet flavor and some lyrics in Spanish. My mother's family is from Puerto Rico. Growing up in Chicago, we did not speak Spanish at home; I began studying it seriously in 2012. Spanish phonology can be very forgiving when writing lyrics. Lots of attractive vowels.

The lines "We live in the moment when / the engines fade / and we fidget in our seats" were written at 30,000 feet in a commercial airliner. Recording took place closer to home in a Humboldt Park basement on modest equipment. The crowning touch is the unexpected addition of the evocative, Herb Alpert-esque trumpet solo at the end. This is what can happen when the song's recording engineer is Thymme Jones of Chicago's legendary Cheer-Accident. Thymme is well known for busting out unexpected trumpet solos while checking email, making toast or balancing his checkbook. Maybe it wasn't the biggest surprise that he did one on this song ... but it sure is sweet.

SIRS was founded in 2008 by long-time Chicago musician, writer and activist Rob Warmowski.

On this track:
Rob Warmowski, Guitar & Vocals
Tony Jones, Bass
Andy Kosinski, Drums
Thymme Jones, Trumpet

Engineered by Thymme Jones.

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